Hello everyone,

After a long journey in the editing room and many work-in-progress screenings for peers and professors, we are finally finished editing the film! I do apologize for missing the estimated completion time completely…heh.

Editing took longer than expected because of the extreme changes that were made since writing and shooting. We have restructured the film, taken scenes out, added shots in, changed dialogue and more. Initially, the film was an almost 30 minute cut (yikes) with a broader focus on the investigation, the newspaper classroom, and Grace’s relationship with her best friend as well as her relationship with Dylan.

Most of these less important elements of the film were changed or taken out to make a more focused and powerful piece. The core of the story, Grace and Dylan, is now what the film focuses on almost completely. The film is now also 17 minutes long, which greatly increases our chances of doing well in the festival circuit. Festivals are much more likely to accept shorter films, as this allows them to screen more films to their audiences in the allotted time.

Now we are going straight into sound design, music composition, and color correction. Color correction only takes a few days, but sound design and music composition will take a few weeks. So our ultimate completion date is estimated to be right before/around Christmas-time. Perks will be sent out around that time as well.

I believe all the time and energy put into this film will make it the best film it can be. I’m very proud of it so far and can’t wait for the final product! Until the teaser is released, please check out the stills I’ve included below. (I tried to choose stills that didn’t give too much away.)┬áThank you all so much for your patience and support.


Christina Yoon